Social & skillful northern soul with 14 years’ experience working as designer, developer and producer in the field of digital production.

I’m a multidisciplinary professional with hands-on experience working design, development and digital strategy. My in-depth knowledge combined with my ability to identify and create solutions based on a clients challenges makes me a valuable and appreciated team member.

The past two years I’ve been working in projects both as a UX/UI designer and front-end developer. I have, In addition to this, been hired as a strategic and technical advisor. Drop me a line or give me a call if you want to get in contact.

Areas of Expertise

  • UX & UI Design

    UX and UI for websites, services and user interfaces. I have a holistic design perspective which means I combine user experience and visual design in order to create products that actually work. I am also well acquainted with content-heavy projects including CRO- and SEO oriented websites, tools and platforms.

    Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision

  • Frontend Development

    I primarily work with web development and frameworks such as VueJS, NuxtJS, WordPress and Laravel, although I have worked with React and Angular. When I am part of a development team I prefer to take on the position as interface developer or team leader, but I also take on development projects as a one-stop-shop.

    CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, VueJS, NuxtJS, WordPress, Laravel, GIT

  • Digital Strategy

    I am used to identifying technical solutions and opportunities based on the needs of a business, service or product. I am also well accustomed to presenting suggested solutions, technical or not, to key stakeholders, in order for them to fully understand the digital process.


A variety of projects I've been involved in.

  • Frontend Development

    Frontend Development

    Campaign site for the release of The Roger PRO sneaker by Roger Federer an the swiss shote manufacturer On. The challenge was to create an epic online launch moment in the midst of a pandemic where fans around the world could get a moment with Roger as well as sign up to buy the shoe. I was hired by North Kingdom to be in charged of the development of the site.

    CSS, JavaScript, VueJS

  • UX & Design

    UX & Design

    SEAT Cupra Launch

    CUPRA is a high-performance motorsport subsidiary from SEAT. The new CUPRA Formentor is unique, exclusive and pure adrenaline. The car provides a multitude of digital features in order for you to stay connected all while enriching your driving experience. The goal of the campaign launch site was to offer the exact same vibe and to retarget SEAT customers.

    UX, UI, CRO, Web Design, Sketch

  • Design & Development

    Design & Development

    NomoFomo is an editorial news platform providing its readers the ultimate guide to the future. It includes daily updates, activities on social media and a weekly newsletter, keeping the readers up to date on a wide range of topics. I designed and built the platform based on WordPress with Roots and Gutenberg custom blocks.

    Design, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

  • Development


    Mojo Fertility

    Mojo AISA is an AI-powered semen assessment and a new frontier in fertility care. It has custom-built robotics and AI trained on millions of sperm images evaluated by expert andrologists. I have developed their WordPress platform with several custom blocks made with Gutenberg.

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

  • Concept, UX & Development

    Concept, UX & Development

    The purpose of is to inform and share knowledge about the impact of alcohol consumption. I have created the concept and the content as well as the design and development. The site ranked on the first page of Google for several keywords within just six months.

    Concept, UX & UI Design, CSS, VueJS, NuxtJS

  • Performance Design

    Performance Design

    Audi Landing Page

    Audi is one of the leaders in the exclusive end of the car market, with a line-up of luxurious cars with superior levels of class and technology throughout. Since 2018 I've been working with Audi (through Volkswagen Group) and designed several landing and retargeting pages for them.

    UX, UI, CRO, Web Design, Sketch

  • Performance Design

    Performance Design

    Search engine optimized editorial sports platform with tipsters, sheets and offers. The users can track their betting to see their progress, statistics and ROI over time. I have worked with the UX and design from a performance perspective and the interface development.

    UX, Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel

  • Frontend Development

    Frontend Development

    Descendants of Krypton

    Campaign site by North Kingdom for the TV series Krypton by SYFY. Users can create their own customized Kryptonian character and show the world what they fight for. I was part of the development team from North Kingdom and worked with the interface development.

    CSS, JavaScript, VueJS

  • Conversion Design

    Conversion Design

    Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

    Porsche is a luxury sports car manufacturer known for its powerful, precise-handling cars. Their cars distinguish themselves by being entertaining on the street and still comfortable for daily driving. Porsche Center Danderyd put their confidence in me by letting me design their retargeting site for Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid.

    UX, UI, CRO, Web Design, Sketch

  • Design


    Story Hotels has three marvelous hotels in Sweden and offers unique rooms, the best in modern design and chic décor. I was tasked to create the design compositions for their new website. The work is based on their exquisite and unparalleled design maner.

    Design, Sketch, Wireframes

  • Design & Development

    Design & Development

    Mini marketing and brand platform for Gränges 1891, a long-established Swedish brand with a tradition that started more than 100 years ago. I created the design and developed the WordPress setup based on Gutenberg.

    Design, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

  • Concept, UX & Development

    Concept, UX & Development

    When my brother turned 30 I lived 2000 miles away and was unable to join him on his birthday. Both of us used Twitter on a daily basis at the time so I put together a list of 30 tweets with my best memories of him and posted during the day. The website contains the entirety of those tweets.

    Concept, Design, CSS, PHP

  • Design & Frontend

    Design & Frontend

    Vattenfall e-invoice

    Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat. They have developed a strategy with the purpose to Power Climate Smarter Living and enable fossil free living within one generation. This standalone site was a small step in the right direction with the aim to encourage their customers to change from paper to e-invoice.

    UX, Design, CRO, CSS, JavaScript

  • Performance Design

    Performance Design

    Interface design and development for the Nextory website with focus on acquisition and conversion optimisation. The marketing team continuously performed AB-tests and jointly we analysed them and enhanced the interface to achieve better results.

    Performance Design, CSS, JavaScript, React


I’ve been working as a Designer, Developer and Producer. In addition to this, I have been hired as an advisor in an array of strategic and technical projects.

  • Designer & Developer

    Brorsligt AB, 2018–currently

    One man consultant agency founded by me. I provide advice and hands-on expertise in web development and design as well as digital strategies and performance marketing. I am also well experienced in content heavy projects focusing on usability, SEO and CRO.

    Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS , JavaScript, PHP, VueJS, GIT, MySQL, WordPress, Laravel

  • CEO & Founder

    Ardentic AB, 2014–2018

    Ardentic was a digital agency with five employees that built cutting edge web experiences and sustainable websites. I was in charge of operations as well as managing projects and clients. Retainer and SLA with Cancerfonden, AIK and Ekolådan, collaborations with BBH, North Kingdom and Jung, and projects for Oculus, HBO, Blocket, CMore och DigitalInn.

    Project Management, Sketch, Photoshop, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, React, GIT, WordPress, Laravel

  • Frontend Developer

    Dempsey, 2013

    Digital campaigns and platforms for international clients and brands such as Unilever, British Airways, Aftonbladet and Halebop.

    CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, GIT, MySQL, JQuery, WordPress, Laravel

  • Project Manager

    Perfect Fools, 2012

    Digital innovation projects and marketing campaigns with high complexity for clients such as Spotify, Unibet, Converse and Swarovski.

  • Web Designer & Frontend Developer

    Soluan Group, 2009-2010

  • IT Consultant

    Sigma Solutions, 2008

  • Web Designer

    BestGames Holdings Ltd, 2007

Contact Details

Björn Hermansson

Feel free to contact me if you have an interesting project or opportunity.